Connectivity and superconductivity

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As discovered in half-metallic materials, an extraordinarily long proximity range is observed.

Trapped Ions vs. Superconductors

More surprising is a very strong concentration of supercurrent to the edges of the superconducting region, which is deduced from the extremely persistent oscillation of the critical current vs magnetic field. The maxima of the critical current appear not at the zero magnetic flux but at around the maximum magnetic disorder, reflecting the connectivity between the spin-triplet and singlet pairings.

These spin-triplet natures in proximity superconductivity also reveal ferromagnetic properties of In,Fe As. Library subscriptions will be modified accordingly. This arrangement will initially last for two years, up to the end of The inset shows a close-up between 0 and 0.

Charge topology in superconductors | Nature

The resistance peaks are attributable to domain wall motion discussed in the text. Color plot of the differential resistance of J06 as a function of magnetic field and bias current. The field direction is perpendicular to the film plane. Field dependence of the zero-bias differential resistance of J The arrows above the graph indicate the phase slip attributable to the domain wall motion. The broken line is a fitting line of the data.

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We have performed combined high-resolution microstructural and grain orientation analyses to understand the key microstructural factors associated with high intergranular transport current in polycrystalline bulk forms of MgB 2. The ex-situ method can produce MgB 2 with relatively high packing factors; nevertheless, the connectivity of MgB 2 fabricated by the ex-situ method ex-situ MgB 2 was less than that of in-situ MgB 2. The poor connections between MgB 2 grain aggregates cause the low connectivity of ex-situ MgB 2.

Plate-like pores are present between the aggregates of MgB 2 grains in ex-situ MgB 2 ; these pores remain even after prolonged self-sintering at high temperatures. In addition, MgB 2 crystals decompose to MgB 4 in sintering for a long period.

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Moreover, MgO particles are formed between MgB 2 grain aggregates and inhibit interaggregate connections. In contrast, in-situ MgB 2 fabricated at the same sintering conditions exhibits spherical pores between MgB 2 grains, resulting in a uniform pore distribution and intergranular connection. These problems must be addressed to further enhance the connectivity in ex-situ MgB 2. Microstructural connectivity in sintered ex-situ MgB 2 bulk superconductors.

There are in situ and ex situ variants of the process, as well a 'double core' method that combines both. The coated superconductor tapes are known as second generation superconductor wires.

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YBCO films deposited directly on metal substrate materials exhibit poor superconducting properties. It was demonstrated that a c-axis oriented yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ intermediate layer on a metal substrate can yield YBCO films of higher quality, which had still one to two orders less critical current density than that produced on the single crystal substrates. The breakthrough came with the invention of ion beam-assisted deposition IBAD technique to produce of biaxially aligned yttria-stabilized zirconia YSZ thin films on metal tapes.

Enhancing the Superconducting Properties of Magnesium Diboride Without Doping

Initially hastelloy substrates were electro polished to create a smoothed surface. Hastelloy is a nickel based alloy capable of withstanding temperatures up to C without melting or heavily oxidizing.

Currently a coating technique known as "spin on glass" or "solution deposition planarization" is used to smooth the substrate surface. HPCVD can be used for thin-film magnesium diboride. Superconducting layer in the 2nd generation superconducting wires can be grown by reactive co-evaporation of constituent metals, rare-earth element , barium , and copper. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wires exhibiting zero resistance. Superconductivity Basics. American Magnetics Inc. Retrieved October 11, Physics World.

Retrieved September 3, Experimental techniques for low-temperature measurements: cryostat design, material properties and superconductor critical-current testing. Oxford university press, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics.