Future Directions in Biocatalysis

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Consisting of four sections, this book examines enzymatic reactions under unusual conditions, unique biocatalytic reactions, synthesis of valuable compounds using biocatalysis and the latest molecular biology methods for biocatalysis.

Each chapter deals with a specific theme and includes a summary of each area as well as the present state and future direction of research. Powered by Koha. Account Login. Matric No.

What is Biocatalysis?

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Future Directions in Biocatalysis - PDF Free Download

Contributor s : Matsuda, Tomoko. Her group has achieved the waste-minimization in large-scale production of chiral compounds with a flow system using liquid and supercritical carbon dioxide as a solvent and an immobilized lipase as a catalyst.

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  • Future directions in biocatalysis.
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Future Directions in Biocatalysis, Second Edition, presents the future direction and latest research on how to utilize enzymes, i. It emphasizes the most important and unique research on biocatalysis instead of simply detailing the ABC's on the topic.

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This book is an indispensable tool for new researchers in the field to help identify specific needs, start new projects that address current environmental concerns, and develop techniques based on green technology. It provides invaluable hints and clues for conducting new research on enzymes, with final sections outlining future directions in biocatalysis further expanding the science into new applications.

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Future Directions in Biocatalysis

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