History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Volume 3

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Description In his three-volume history, Antony Polonsky provides a comprehensive survey-socio-political, economic, and religious-of the Jewish communities of eastern Europe from to the present. Until the Second World War, this was the heartland of the Jewish world: nearly three and a half million Jews lived in Poland alone, while nearly three million more lived in the Soviet Union. Although the majority of the Jews of Europe and the United States, and many of the Jews of Israel, originate from these lands, their history there is not well known. Rather, it is the subject of mythologizing and stereotypes that fail both to bring out the specific features of the Jewish civilization which emerged there and to illustrate what was lost.

Jewish life, though often poor materially, was marked by a high degree of spiritual and ideological intensity and creativity. Antony Polonsky recreates this lost world-brutally cut down by the Holocaust and less brutally but still seriously damaged by the Soviet attempt to destroy Jewish culture. Wherever possible, the unfolding of history is illustrated by contemporary Jewish writings to show how Jews felt and reacted to the complex and difficult situations in which they found themselves.

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This first volume begins with an overview of Jewish life in Poland and Lithuania down to the mid-eighteenth century. It describes the towns and shtetls where the Jews lived, the institutions they developed, and their participation in the economy.

A History of East European Jews

Developments in religious life, including the emergence of hasidism and the growth of opposition to it, are described in detail. The volume goes on to cover the period from to , highlighting government attempts to increase the integration of Jews into the wider society and the Jewish responses to these efforts, including the beginnings of the Haskalah movement. Attention is focused on developments in each country in turn: the problems of emancipation, acculturation, and assimilation in Prussian and Austrian Poland; the politics of integration in the Kingdom of Poland; and the failure of forced integration in the tsarist empire.

Volume 2 covers the period ; Volume 3 covers Other books in this series. Add to basket. Collected Essays Haym Soloveitchik.

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Must a Jew Believe Anything? Founder of Hasidism Moshe Rosman. How Jewish is Jewish History? Jewish Mysticism Rachel Elior. Maimonides' Confrontation with Mysticism Menachem Kellner.

1. Continued Policy of Oppression

Judaism on Trial Hyam Maccoby. Gersonides Seymour Feldman. The Jews in the Caribbean Jane S. Families, Rabbis, and Education Shaul Stampfer. Polonsky, as much as anyone else, has created the field of modern Jewish history as a subject to be considered and understood rather than simply a tragic past to be mourned.

History of the Jews in Russia and Poland, Volume 1 [of 3] by Simon Dubnow

He is too good a historian to confuse the history of Jewish life with the German policies that brought Jewish death. The barely visible commitment in these three wonderful volumes is to rescue a world from polemic, for the sake of history. The scope is immense and the author does an impressive job of synthesizing a vast literature. This trilogy will no doubt serve as a standard history of east European Jewry for a long time. Cienciala, Polish Review 'We can only commend Antony Polonsky for his massive effort to explain seven centuries of Jewish history in a mere 2, pages.

Refworld | Jews in Russia and the Soviet Union: Chronology of Events: - 1 January

Polonsky's strength lies in his ability to illuminate intellectual and cultural developments. Because of the excellent bibliographies, extensive annotation, and wonderful maps included in each volume, any reader wishing to read in greater detail about Polish and Russian Jewry will have plenty of resources to enable the search.

While underlining the unique features and achievements of the Jewish communal experience he authoritatively integrates them into the history of the countries in which Jews lived. Incorporating current, ground-breaking scholarship from North America, Israel, and Europe these beautifully narrated volumes should not only be seen as a staple of university courses, but also as a must-read for anyone attempting to understand any aspect of modern Jewish history and religious tradition, wherever it may be playing out.

With this extremely important book, Antony Polonsky not only writes history but, following the example of his illustrious predecessors, makes it. Simply put, these volumes are required reading for anyone with a serious interest in East European history or for anyone looking for a scholarly assessment of a particular feature of Polish or Russian Jewish history.

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Handsomely produced, with extensive maps and tables, and a glossary. Polonsky is perhaps the scholar most responsible for the growth of Polish Jewish studies in the late twentieth century. London: Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, Varieties of Antisemitism: History Ideology, Discourse 1. Polish-Jewish relations since reflections of a participant; Stosunki polsko-zydowskie od roku: refleksje uczestnika bi-lingual edition, Polish translation Malgorzata Ornat.

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