If Satan Cant Steal Your Dreams... He Cant Control Your Destiny

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There was a problem with saving your item s for later. You can go to cart and save for later there. Average rating: 0 out of 5 stars, based on 0 reviews Write a review. Jerry Savelle. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Add to Cart. Product Highlights The future begins with a dream! The heavenly Father has a special gift for each person. When he first plants this gift in their hearts, it is tiny as the smallest seed.

But no one should be fooled. It has the potential to grow into something great and marvelous in both size and beauty. What better way for Satan to rob Christians of their future than to quench their enthusiasm for this God-given vision? And he is definitely ready with every trick he knows to sow seeds of doubt, fear, distraction, and discouragement into the believer's life. The good news is that with God's help, Satan does not have the power to take away what God has given - unless allowed to do so.

That's precisely why best-selling author Jerry Savelle teaches readers biblical truths that include: Satan's 1 strategy for robbing individuals of their dreams, The telltale signs that indicate one's faith is wavering - and what to do about it immediately, The secrets of recapturing one's dreams, The four univeral principles of bringing dreams into reality. Millions of people have the desire to be and do something extraordinary but have allowed disappointments and hardships to rob them of this vision.

God is ready and able to help them recapture and dream what He has planted in their hearts. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it. See our disclaimer. Your future begins with a dream! Hence, choose you this day to be somebody and refuse to be seen as a nobody. Hence I reject all forms of poverty, lack, want, failure, disgrace and oppression that are not His perfect will for my life on earth, in the name of Jesus Christ.

I am who God says I am. I am somebody and very important to His plan for this generation. Thank you, heavenly Father for making the light of the world and the salt of the earth. And until you do so you will continue to beat about the bush. That was how epilepsy entered into my life.

My Confession for Today

My parents spent money but all to no avail. In I had mental problems for 6 months. I was chained and beaten by his servants. So I broke the chains and I escaped. My parents found me in a forest when they searched for me. They brought me home. When he came, I was told that he commanded me to go sleep since I had not been able to sleep for weeks. I slept and woke up sane. I thank God that he terminated my reproach. The kingdom of heaven is the supreme kingdom that reigns over all kingdoms.

All other kingdoms either of men or of hell are subject to the decisions of the kingdom of heaven. In the kingdom of heaven man is the highest authority after God not the angels. A child of God is superior to all angels because of where he is seated by God in Christ Jesus. Beloved, God has made you sit with Christ at His right hand with all angels, authorities, powers, principalities, thrones, wicked spirits and rulers of darkness of this world subject to you.

This is possible because no angel is seated at the right hand of God. In other words, in spiritual hierarchy you are superior to all angels either angels of darkness or of light. You are far above all; hence you cannot be judged or punished by any angel either of light or darkness. In fact, the bible declares that we shall judge the angels 1 Cor. You are a higher officer in the spirit world over all angels. This does not come by fasting and self-abasement. It cannot be earned by works. It is your inheritance in Christ Jesus. It is yours freely.

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Only what you need to do is to receive this gift of God and begin to use it to change your life. Friend, if you are in Christ you cannot be punished by a satanic prophet or priest, a witch or wizard. Because you are superior to the angel of darkness in them. What makes a witch a witch is the spirit of witchcraft in her and that spirit is lesser than you in authority in spirit realm. The spirit of witchcraft in them is not seated where you are seated. As a result, you are to judge or. They can only punish or judge people in their kingdom.

Know that in the kingdom of darkness, man is a slave and a pawn in the hands of fallen angels. Man has no say or authority in the kingdom of darkness. Because he is in bondage to these beings and they are his source of power. He dares not break their orders. But a child of God has been delivered from the authority of darkness. God delivered you from the dominion of satan and his angels and brought you into His kingdom. Your name was removed from the book of judgment and transferred into the book of life. As a result, satan ceased to be your lord, head and king.

He lost his headship and authority over you. You are now under a new Lord, Head and King. This new king, head and lord has authority and power over you. He is the only person that can judge and punish you in heaven and on earth. You are only answerable to Jesus not to satan or demons. Stop having sleepless night over words of men. If the Lord has not said it, it cannot stand and take root over your life pls, read Lam. It is the counsel and purpose of your Lord that shall stand upon your life. Then who is your Lord? Is it Jesus or satan? Your answer to this question will determine who has the final say over your life.

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If you are still living in sins, satan is your lord and head. Hence he has right to punish or judge you because he is your head. When a witch, a wizard or a satanic prophet declares evil judgment to punish you, it will stand because you are inferior to him or her in power. It is high time you gave your life to Christ so that you can be saved from the authority of darkness.

If you want, pray salvation prayer in this magazine. I am glad to tell you in this edition that you are not bread for the enemy. As a child of God, you are no longer a slave, a subject and a child of the devil. This is because God has delivered you from the dominion and power of darkness. At salvation God removed the sinful nature that made you a slave, a subject and child of the devil. In place of sinful nature He gave you His nature and life. As a result, you became born of God and a partaker of divine nature. Because you are no longer his possession For that which made you his possession, the sinful nature, has been removed.

You can say that because satan has nothing in you anymore.

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Sins committed by a child of God if not recognized and confessed open door for the enemy to steal, kill and destroy. It makes a believer temporarily vulnerable to satanic attacks and assaults even though he is no longer a child of the devil. Sin brings a believer to the realm where satan is lord, king and head. Consequently, you become a prisoner in his kingdom until you confess and forsake the secret sin. As a child of God, you have to know that any unconfessed sin or accursed thing in your life will open the door of your life to the enemy and empower the devil to torment and oppress you continuously until you let go secret sins or accursed things.

He Can't Control Your Destiny | Moses | Devil

Friend, sin is poisonous! You have allowed the devil enough to afflict you and mocked the grace of God on your life. Now is the time to drop those things destroying you in the secret and making you bread to the enemy. God has already delivered you but you are still holding to things that belong to the kingdom of darkness. Those things are legal ground for the devil to oppress you. Israel hath sinned, and they have also transgressed my covenant which I commanded them; for they have taken accursed things and have also stolen, and dissembled also, and they have put in among their stuff.

Beloved, this is what it will take to stop satanic attacks and oppression in your life. If you want satan to leave you alone, you have to remove his properties from your life. You have to deliberately destroy all the accursed things in your life, business and home. The stolen money is the. No amount of tithes and offerings will stop the devil from attacking such business. It is time to remove the accursed things so that you can be prosperous.

God specifically told the children of Israel in the bible passage to remove the accursed things because the accursed things among their stuff had them accursed. Hence, they could not stand before their enemies. They became bread and a prey to their enemies. Friend, as long as you are habouring the accursed things in your life, business and home, satan has the right to steal, kill and destroy until you remove the accursed things.

You have undergone many deliverance sessions, you have fasted and prayed; you have seen many prophets and yet your problems persist. You pay your tithes and offerings yet devourers are in your business. One of my friends a pastor once told me about a brother that things turned sour for suddenly in his business. He fasted, prayed and attended deliverance sessions and the problem persisted for months. Until he asked God what was wrong and God spoke to him in a vision.

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Then God told him to return it to the owner or destroy it. He did and all things that he had lost were restored to him. No deliverance minister or prophet shall be able to deliver you until you destroy the accursed thing that has made you accursed. Forget about it. Jesus said that the prince of this world came to me and found nothing, and that was why satan and demons could not stand before Him. Now is the time to remove or destroy the accursed things in your life so that God can become an enemy to your enemies. Now is the time to say byebye to that your illegal sex partner that satan is using as a gateway to steal your blessings.

That woman confess the sin that is giving you sleepless night so that you may have your joy and peace back. Everything about you was settled before you were born to this world. God had really concluded about journey on earth before you came to this world. That is why I said in the last edition that you are not a mistake and an accident on earth. According to the above Bible passage God has written a script for your life and he has sent you to the earth to act it out. He has carefully chosen a role or part for you in His plan for the world. Your role on earth was fixed, settled and concluded before you were born.

You are not in the world to while away your time. You are not here to beget sons and daughters, and die. You are not in the world to be a spectator. God has put some treasures in you that this generation needs, dare to ask Him to show you. Beloved, God asked me to tell you that he has written a book concerning you in heaven that contains the details of your assignment on earth. He asked me to tell you that if you are willing and obedient, He will show it to you. He will empower and sponsor you lavishly to carry out His plan for your life. He asked me to tell you that you are so precious and honourable in His eyes that He gave up His only Son Jesus to suffer and die in your place.

He asked me to tell you that He did this to tell and show you that you are not worthless and useless before Him and to His plan. Moreover He asked me to tell you that the world might have written you off and concluded that you are useless but He your Maker can fix the broken pieces of your life and recreates it to be what he had planned it to be.

He asked me to tell you that everything depends on you. He asked me to tell you that if you will turn up today before Him, He will not turn you down. He asked me to tell you that if you are ready today He will step into your life and situation and turn it around for His glory. He asked me to tell you that He loves and cherishes you because you are His plan to wipe away tears from the faces of millions.

Meaning of Evil Dreams

He asked me to tell you that if only and if you will dare dream His dreams and align your dreams with His plan and purpose for your life, He will work in and with you and see to it that you are a name, a glory and a praise on earth. Friend, it is crystal clear that God has a better plan for your life and that this plan was settled and concluded before you were ever born.

God is desperately waiting for your response today for He wants to celebrate you before His angels. No matter how cruel and bad you may think that you are, God loves you and wants you. You may be dirty but He will clean you up and give you a new robe of beauty and glory. He is not angry with you. He can put the broken pieces of your life together again and make it glorious. They are not your Maker. They are blind. I recognize myself today as a sinner that needs your mercy, I now ask that you forgive me all my sins and wash me clean in the blood of Jesus Christ.

I take you at your word. I confess that Jesus is Lord and I believe in my heart that you raised him from the dead. Thank you for coming into my heart, for giving me your Holy spirit as you have promised, and for being LORD over my life. But in this we want to look at the science behind a change of identity.

So when he sinned all. When he became a sinner by nature, all humanity became sinful in nature. This is because Adam represented all humanity before God. Similarly Christ Jesus represented all humanity before God on the cross. He was because He was the only man that was not born spiritually dead and a sinner.

He only became a sinner and spiritually dead when He became sin on the cross. As a result, He identified with us and God laid on Him the iniquity of us all 2 Cor. Jesus died on the cross as a sinner and He rose as the righteousness of God. He abolished death and gave us life and immortality 2 Tim. As a result, He became our life, redemption, righteousness and sanctification 1Cor.

He conquered sin, spiritual death and emerged as the Lord, King and Head over all the realms of spiritual darkness Eph. Now when any man comes to God through Christ Jesus for salvation , he becomes identified with Christ in His crucifixion, death, burial, justification in the realm of death, resurrection, and exaltation to the right hand of God far above all realms of spiritual death and darkness where satan is lord, king and head.

Just as in Adam you are born a child of satan and an enemy of God. Similarly in Christ, you are born a child of God and accepted into the beloved Eph. Conclusion In Christ Jesus you are no longer who you used to be a sinner and a captive of satan.

Jerry Savelle

You are a new creation created and designed in Christ Jesus via God by pouring His life and nature unto your spirit to replace the sin in your spirit. So you can say boldly: satan I am none of your own.

But in this lesson we want to look at the science behind a change of identity. So when he sinned all humanity sinned against God in him Rom. It is high time you learnt how to put them to work in your life and business.

Satan Loves To Attack Your Mind by Joyce Meyer

Come and learn how to put them to work this Sunday. Then my skin was plague with unexplainable rashes. The worst part of it was that it appeared on my neck and hands like a paste. But the man of God prayed for me and declared it cursed from the root.