Paul Nizan: Communist Novelist

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Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? Simone Weil became a political organizer, while the others devoted themselves to journalism. None of them, however, possessed Nizan's sheer political intelligence, his anger, or his awareness of the general as it appeared inscribed in the specific, immediate situation; none, in other words, could have been called a revolutionary.

Paul Nizan: Communist Novelist

In the charged atmosphere of Paris, though, Nizan's natural inclinations toward the concrete conspired with his impatience before the rather doctrinaire, abstract qualities of his instructors and a vivid hatred of the bourgeoisie to promote a heightened social consciousness. Nizan's real conversion to Marxism occurred soon after, when he lived in Aden as a tutor during Nizan achieved real prominence during the 30's in France.

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Now we have W. Red-fern's sympathetic investigation. Why shouldn't we sing?

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Even now, Nizan needs to be defended in this way, and Redfern has been intrepid in entering the warren of opinions which surround his political conduct during the war. The causes, I think, are two; Nizan's engagement , the resourcefulness and imagination with which he reconciled politics and literature, while Sartre dilated; and the schematic, excessively psychoanalytic method Sartre used in remembering Nizan, the same dubious omniscience evident in his books on Flaubert and Baudelaire. Paul Nizan is more than a vendetta, though, more than a simple exercise in vindication; Nizan's novels receive close scrutiny, a chapter being devoted to each. Many of our ebooks are available through library electronic resources including these platforms:. Home Paul Nizan. Add to Cart. More about this book.

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