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January 30, 3. For example: Ext. Controller', views : ['chart. While Touch 1. It is important to note that Ext JS 5 maintains full backwards compatibility with applications built with an MVC architecture. It divides the user interface of an application into three distinct parts, helping to organize the codebase into logical representations of information depending upon their function. MVC implementations may vary slightly between applications, but generally speaking each part of the architecture has specific responsibilities:. The master view an Ext. Panel contains records which, when selected, populate a related detail view an Ext.

While this is a relatively simple example, you will notice that there is a lot of manual work in the controllers to manage component and model references — specifically for the detail view. The MVVM pattern attempts to leverage the architectural benefits of MVC separation of functional responsibilities yet also provides the additional advantages of data binding. The result is that the Model and framework perform as much work as possible, minimizing and in some cases eliminating application logic that directly manipulates the View. Keep in mind that not all Views in MVVM require a ViewModel , but when they are used, ViewModels are created for each related View , meaning that multiple instances might live simultaneously.

Revisiting the previous example built with MVC, it seems that MVVM might solve some of the problems we had manually managing component and model references through data binding.

ExtJS MVC - Getting data from model to view

This saves us a lot of manual work and ultimately simplifies how large applications manage data. A ViewController is similar in nature to a ViewModel. Both constructs are scoped directly to the related View , eliminating much of the overhead required in traditional MVC to manage object references and restore application state. ViewControllers are also similar to traditional i. However, a major difference between ViewControllers and traditional Controllers is that individual ViewControllers are created for each related View , whereas Controllers are singular constructs listening globally across multiple Views.

ViewControllers and ViewModels participate in the Component lifecycle — meaning that for every instance of a View , unique instances of the configured ViewModel and ViewController are also created. On the one hand, this is great news because the application can in theory save memory and processing time by avoiding a more generic Controller , which would listen globally for events on Views that may not even exist.

Mental picture of ExtJs 4 MVC Architecture

Ext JS 4 paved the way for enterprise web applications to begin using MVC, defining a consistent architecture for organized code. The best practices surrounding MVC architecture are still relevant in Ext JS 5, yet developers can now vastly reduce the amount of application logic necessary to build large and complex apps through two-way data binding.

This article is the first in a series surrounding the idea of application architecture, MVVM and data binding. Look for upcoming, detailed posts on ViewControllers and declarative listeners. Great article with a clear approach of how it should be done.

Unfortunately there is no viewcontroller which handles the save button in the ExtJs5 example. Could you implement this to enhance your app?