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Items related to Sepultura - Just the Riffs. Sepultura - Just the Riffs. Publisher: Cherry Lane Music , This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

The 10 mightiest intros in metal

View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis Your guide to playing more than 40 burning riffs from these metal guitar maulers. Buy Used Condition: Good Connecting readers with great books Learn more about this copy.

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Sepultura - Just the Riffs Sepultura. Published by Cherry Lane Music Used Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Seller Rating:. Looking back, there were so many awesome heavy bands around during that time, and they were all doing different stuff. The first band I ever got to see live was White Zombie, supported by the Melvins.

I think Reverend Horton Heat played too, which was really cool. White Zombie was the first music I heard that used movie samples, and the song Black Sunshine has this spoken word intro from Iggy Pop.

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From the moment I first heard it, I thought it was the coolest thing ever. They reference weird comic books and horror movies, and they play such interesting music too. Seeing White Zombie was a life-changing experience for me — my neck was destroyed for a week afterwards. They caused my first true bangover. The song is literally just one riff, too.

But I took so much from the simplicity of that. It was one of the first really heavy riffs that I learned. I learned some Metallica riffs before this, but it was always kind of intuitive for me to lean more towards the melodic stuff with them. This song was just straight down picking and power chords, and I loved that if you could play this one riff then you knew the whole song.

Maybe it was laziness on my part, but I was so stoked when I could play this song; the whole record was just so cool and unique. I never hear bands playing music like this anymore, and I really miss that golden age of heavy industrial music.

So I had to put some Ministry in there. The first song of theirs that I really go into was Hollowman from the Wolverine Blues album. The guitars are so evil.

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There are all these creepy songs on it, including this instrumental one called Hellraiser , which is basically just a collection of samples from the film. I can really hear the influence that Entombed had on so many guitar players. They were some of my favourite days, when Earache Records was putting out the sickest stuff — like Napalm Death and Carcass — and Entombed are still one of those bands that are just untouchable.

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Old had all these sliding octave chords and natural harmonics. That felt really good!

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  • I really have to hammer home how good that band is. They still are, man. It was so cool and different, with the tribal drums and its political message. They really painted a picture of what it was like to live in a third world country, and so much of what they did was so punk — the simplicity of some of those riffs, and the drumming and rhythms where they went all fast.

    At school, I was asked by one of the teachers to be part of this improv jazz band he was starting, and he said we needed to come up with something different to showcase other kinds of music. So my friends and I that were into metal suggested we do Kaiowas , and we played the song in front of all these parents in suits. One of the things Ross Robinson said to us when we were making our latest record [ Searching For Zero ] — and he of course worked with Sepultura on the Roots album — was that if you want to write heavy music, then you have to be afraid of what that means.