The Competitive Edge: Research Priorities for U.S. Manufacturing

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If our country is to remain competitive in the coming decades, we must make it a priority to encourage discovery and innovation in the United States now so we can reap the benefits in the decades to come. The scientists and researchers driving this innovation forward are the very best advocates to make this case to policymakers.

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But these technologies and discoveries that improve daily life are more than a boon for our economy — they are worthy pursuits that help change our world for the better. Congress and the scientific community should work together to ensure that basic science research — and all the dividends it yields — remain a policy priority that will ensure American economic prosperity for the future.

Librarians Authors Referees Media Students. The Delaware MEP has helped train thousands of employees and helped dozens of Delaware manufacturers—large and small—improve their facilities and save money.

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I-Corps connects scientists and engineers with the technological, entrepreneurial, and business communities necessary to move discoveries from the laboratory to the market. Sustainable chemistry is a sector that includes goals such as reducing chemical risk to human health and the environment, increasing efficient use of resources, and designing products and processes with consideration of the entire lifecycle.

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It is creating jobs and spurring economic development in the private sector, but federal efforts in this area are not well-coordinated. The legislation would require coordination of existing federal efforts in sustainable chemistry and the development of a framework for future efforts to support sustainable chemistry research and development, technology transfer, commercialization, education, training, and public-private partnerships.

It also encourages the inclusion of stakeholder input from industry, academia, defense, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations. Importantly, the bill does not include any regulatory components, nor does it authorize new spending.

Its goal, rather, is to coordinate federal activities in sustainable chemistry in order to maximize our federal research dollars in this area. Furthermore, implementation costs are reduced.

The Competitive Edge: Research Priorities for U. S. Manufacturing

These translate into a competitive edge. The Metso DNA is a control system for entire factories. Therefore, it is vital to them being able to monitor the machines real time.

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The system allows the users to control and monitor machines throughout the factory such as particularly high pressure pipes and the airflow of the pipes overall. The data they could then see through the UI should have been everything that is going on in the factory from machine to machine, for example when it came to pressure. There is high pressure in the pipes and all the air pressure comes from one place, meaning they need to be able to monitor the pressure. They can check the pressure throughout the entire factory and set limits in case the pressure rises too high, and what should be done about it in case that happens.

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The result was a complex system with a user friendly UI. The UI was created based on a webpage where the user can drag and drop different features from the entire manufacturing system. Metso got a little taste of the principles of DevOps: transparency of software production and real-time monitoring. With testing procedures tuned into the spirit of DevOps, everything can be traced and compiled into statistics.