Thermodynamic Modeling and Materials Data Engineering

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USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview J. The present book "Thermodynamic Modeling and Materials Data Engineering" discusses thermodynamic, structural, systemic and heuristic approaches to the modeling of complex materials behavior in condensed phases, both fluids and solids, in order to evaluate their potential applications. The quality of the contributions to this Symposium motivated us to present" a coherent book of interest to the field.

Thermodynamic & Kinetic Data for Sustainable Energy

Updated contributions inspired by Symposium discussions and selections from other CODATA workshops concerning material properties data and Computer Aided Design combine to highlight the complexity of material data issues on experimental, theoretical and simulation levels Articles were selected for their pertinence in three areas.

Product Details Table of Contents. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. This book brings together for the first time the complete theory of data based neurofuzzy This book brings together for the first time the complete theory of data based neurofuzzy modelling and the linguistic attributes of fuzzy logic in a single cohesive mathematical framework.

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After introducing the basic theory of data based modelling new concepts View Product. You do not currently have access to this content. Learn about subscription and purchase options. Product added to cart. Email alerts Latest Conference Proceedings Alert. Proceedings Paper Activity Alert. Energy Eng February, Fundamentals of Thermal-Fluid Sciences Appl. Rev November, Packag June, Close Modal.

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Thermodynamic modeling by the calphad method and its applications to innovative materials

Low Temperature Heat Capacities and Entropies at J Am Chem Soc. Heat capacities of the wustites Fe0. Thermodynamics of formation of wustite.

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Heat capacity and thermodynamic properties of nearly stoichiometric wustite from 13 to K. Part II. Part I. Part IV: Borosilicate melts. Part III: Modification of the model for melts containing alkali metals. Modeling the viscosity of silicate melts containing manganese oxide.

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  6. J Min Metall, Sect B. A model and database for the viscosity of oxide glasses and melts. Preston E. The viscosity of the soda-silica glasses at high temperatures and its bearing on their constitution. J Soc Glass Technol. Trans Faraday Soc. Nemilov SV. Viscosity of glasses of sodium oxide-potassium oxide-silicon dioxide and lithium oxide-potassium oxide-silicon dioxide systems in softening point regions.

    Structure and properties of silicate melts. Chem Geol. Ehrt D, Keding R. Electrical conductivity and viscosity of borosilicate glasses and melts. Eipeltauer E, More A. Viscosity of Binary Potassium Silicate Glasses.

    Radex Rundsch. Pohlmann HJ. Investigation of viscosity of glasses in the silica-rich part of the system potassium oxide-lead II oxide-silicon dioxide. Nippon Kinzoku Gakkaishi. Viscosity behavior and mixed alkali effect of alkali aluminosilicate glass melts. J Ceram Soc Jpn. Riebling EF. J Chem Phys.

    Thermodynamic & Kinetic Data for Sustainable Energy | NIST

    Neuville DR, Richet P. Viscosity and entropy of molten silicates. Viscosity of nonsilicate glasses. Studies on the structure of glasses in B2O3-Na2O system by the viscosimetric method. Surface tension, density, and viscosity of molten borates. Rheological properties of boric oxide and alkali borate glasses. The viscosity and structure of sodium borate melts.

    Phys Chem Glasses. The growth of potassium borate K2B8O13 in its stoichiometric melt. J Cryst Growth. Viscosity of mixed-alkali borate glasses. Viscosity of soda-borate glasses and glass melts. Yamate T, Kadogawa Y. Effect of glass composition on its viscosity. Viscosity of binary alkali borate glasses. Glass Phys Chem.


    Computer application of thermodynamic database to corrosion of refractories. Hack K. Thermodynamics and Phase Diagrams. Elsevier; Calculating optimal conditions for alloy and process design using thermodynamic and property databases, the FactSage software and the Mesh Adaptive Direct Search algorithm.

    IACS Seminar: "Machine Learning for Materials Discovery" 11/30

    Use of a biobjective direct search algorithm in the process design of material science applications.